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Help Musicians Ukraine

I am part of a network of classical musicians who are helping support displaced Ukrainian musicians and their families as they flee Ukraine. Starting with our personal and professional networks and the BYOM Academy community, we have developed a network of musical friends who can help arrange safe passage through Europe to residency places, further study or family and friends.

Besides the BYOM Academy our partners include the Scandinavian Cello School and the Music Talents of Europe Foundation.
Our team of international musicians is based in Europe and US. In Warsaw soprano Danae Eleni and pianist Alexandra Bobrowska are working on the ground to help Ukrainian musicians who arrive as refugees in Poland with emergency relief and further travel to their next destination.


How can you help?

Donate HERE - to cover travel costs, covid tests, food, emergency relief for musicians.
(We have started a justgiving page where we are collecting funds.)


Offer/Arrange Housing - Are you a musician or a music lover who would like to support and host another musician?
If you can offer a ROOM or a REHEARSAL space in your home - please list it here:


Provide employment or place for continuation of studies - If you are an institution and could provide an emergency residency - please do reach out to us and we will find Ukrainian musicians to apply. EMAIL US HERE

For more information please visit:



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