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Online Piano & Singing Lessons for Adults

As a professional opera singer and certified piano and singing teacher with 15 years of experience, I am passionate about helping people fulfill their musical dreams. My online lessons are tailored for adults, empowering them to start singing or playing the piano at any age.

Get in touch to book a free 20-minute trial lesson in English or German!

My Teaching Journey and Mission

Hello! My name is Sofia, I am a professional opera singer and certified piano and singing teacher based in the UK.
With over 15 years of teaching experience, I specialise in adult education, guiding individuals to unlock their musical potential and achieve their lifelong dreams. While my career as an opera singer has taken me to international stages including Opera North, Southbank Centre London, Oxford Song Festival, Tonhalle Zurich and the concert stage in Jakarta, sharing my knowledge and passion for music has always been equally important to me.
My mission is to shift the narrative around adult music education, showing that it's never too late to start singing or learning an instrument from scratch. I’m here to inspire and empower individuals to embark on their musical journey with confidence and joy and I firmly believe that music can enrich life in many ways, especially for adult learners.

My own musical journey began in Hanover as a pianist, where I started playing the piano at the age of 5, eventually receiving my diploma in piano & music education from the esteemed Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media. Fuelled by my passion for singing, I pursued further studies, obtaining my master's diploma in vocal pedagogy at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and my master's in vocal performance at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
Parallel to my studies, I taught at various music schools and worked for five years as a piano teacher at the Ecole d’Humanité international boarding school in Switzerland, where I regularly prepared my students for school performances and exams. 
In addition to my work at Ecole d'Humanité, I have coached church choirs, taught singing and piano to private students up to the age of 70, and given singing master classes to aspiring singers during my concert tours to Indonesia in 2019 and 2023.

As a teacher, an individualised approach is very important to me. I therefore make sure to tailor my lessons to my students' needs and wishes and help them improve their technique and develop thirt musicality in a safe and positive environment. Due to my extensive musical education, I have an excellent knowledge of various styles, repertoire, and languages. Being an active performer myself with a lot of experience on stage, I can specifically help with performance skills such as stage presence, storytelling, and stage fright. 

I really enjoy teaching online, especially using the resources in my well-equipped music studio, which includes multiple cameras and microphones for an interactive learning experience. Whether I'm working with beginners or advanced students, I find great satisfaction in guiding individuals through their musical journey. Witnessing the progress and development of my students, who join me from diverse locations such as the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Indonesia, is truly rewarding.

         My online piano lessons include:

  • Practical methods of learning to read music for beginners

  • Improvisation for beginners

  • Sight-reading

  • Piano playing technique 

  •  Musical expression

  • Various styles and repertoire (classical, film music, pop and musical) 

  •  Accompaniment

  •  Rhythm exercises

  •  Music theory and piano exam preparation for ABRSM (on demand)

  •  Possible combination of piano and singing

          My online singing lessons include:

  •  Basic vocal technique (classical)

  • Advanced vocal technique (classical)

  • Breathing and relaxation exercises

  • Various styles and repertoire (classical, film music and musical) 

  • Musical expression, performance and stage presence

  • Practical method to understand notation and rhythm 

  •  Music theory and singing exam preparation for ABRSM (on demand)

  • Accompaniment for singers

            Lessons are possible in English or German.

Testimonials From My Students

Dagmar, adult piano student from Switzerland:

"Wer seinen Traum vom Klavierspielen verwirklichen möchte, ist bei Sofia in den besten Händen. Schon in der ersten Stunde lernte ich kleine Musikstücke. Sofia kombiniert in ihrem Unterricht Klang, Theorie und Technik auf hervorragende Art und Weise. Das motiviert und ermöglicht rasche Fortschritte. Und der von Sofia perfekt organisierte online Unterricht bietet mir als berufstätige Frau und Mutter optimale Flexibilität. Danke Sofia!" 

"If you want to realise your dream of playing the piano, you are in the best of hands with Sofia. Already in the first lesson, I learned little pieces of music. Sofia combines sound, theory and technique in an excellent way in her classes. That motivates and enables rapid progress. And the online lessons perfectly organized by Sofia offer me, as a working woman and mother, optimal flexibility. Thank you, Sofia!"

Matt, adult singing student from the UK:
Sofia is an excellent teacher. Initially I was skeptical that online lessons could be effective, but her attention to detail and clarity in instruction more than make up for that. I feel noticeable improvement in just a handful of lessons, and will certainly be seeking more soon!

Rita, adult singing student from Indonesia:

"I met Sofia for the first time as my private vocal tutor when she visited my town in Indonesia. It was a very short visit to my town but it was unforgettable BECAUSE I finally met a teacher who always tries to understand her student from the student's point of view. She is totally supportive and honest in tutoring me. Yes, it is not easy to put yourself with a great understanding to others, especially when things that have been taught is an instrument that you cannot see, vocal cord. So, if you want to learn more about vocal with very good understanding start from basic or if you want to develop your skill from the next step, just talk to her and grab that chance immediately. She is an awesome teacher. I definitely recommend her and I am really really grateful for that opportunity. Thank you so much, Sofia!"


Wayne, adult piano student from the UK:

"As a returner, not having been in formal piano lessons since teenaged years, Sofia has been a superb source of piano inspiration. She takes a holistic approach to piano pedagogy, deploying body stretching, pretzel-bending techniques, to achieve the correct balance of weight, texture, tone and mood in playing. She expects no less than to nudge you to excellence!"

Diego, adult piano student from Spain:

"I’ve always wanted to learn to play piano, and it has been only thanks to Sofia’s fantastic guidance that now, in my late 30s,
I have been able to give those first steps. She’s approachable, patient and methodical, and I’ve always looked forward to our lessons. I definitely recommend her!"


Robin, adult piano student from the UK:

"Sofia has taught 3 of us ages between 80 and 8. We have all found her to be an excellent teacher and cannot recommend her enough. She has suited all of us and we thoroughly recommend her!"

Paula, adult singing student from Germany:

"Sofia is a phenomenal vocal coach and has helped me to discover and develop my voice. Since we have been working together my singing technique has improved tremendously and I feel much more confident using my voice now. Her musicianship and knowledge are so inspiring. She is an incredibly supportive teacher and any student would be lucky to have her!"

Lenny, dad of 7-year-old piano student, UK:

"We have had the lovely Sofia teaching our 7-year-old daughter piano for the last year or so. We are very pleased with the way Sofia approaches and prepares the lessons for our daughter and tailors them to suit her ability or interest in the music.
We would highly recommend Sofia to anyone looking to get their kids introduced to music!"

Kitty, mother of 9-year-old piano student, UK:

"Sofia is a very professional teacher. My daughter has been enjoying piano lessons with her. She has developed lots of her own methods to teach students, for example, finger exercise before the piano session. She is also very patient and helpful."

Testimonial from the International Boarding School Ecole d'Humanité, Switzerland:

"Sofia Livotov is a particularly dedicated, talented teacher and has worked with joy and empathy with our students. The young people had a very good connection with her and Sofia supported their different talents competently and lovingly. Sofia has often accompanied our singing students in concerts and supported them with great sensitivity. She has prepared some students for music examinations in piano, all of which have passed successfully thanks to her professional guidance. She has also led individual projects with students, such as the combination of Mozart piano music and drums. The two pupils who were able to carry out this project were very well received by the audience of our school, as well as in front of the experts from the examination board. From this music project, both students emerged strengthened in their personality. Sofia has helped some young people through difficult phases and supported them with her positive, open and happy nature. She was very much appreciated by the students and teachers of our team! Sofia Livotov was an extremely valuable teacher and we can recommend her with complete conviction."

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